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Hot Legislation

State legislation requiring quick action.

Information on state issues and live bills upon which the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire is interested, is taking a position, and/or has determined action is needed.

Occasionally we post action alerts from the national League here as well.

NH Legislature --2016 session

The NH House will meet in session on Wed., Feb. 10 and possibly on Feb. 11 as well. Long list of bills, many labeled Inexpedient to Legislate by the study committees. Of interest is the bill requiring labeling of food products containing genetically modified ingredients (ITL). Also HB 1616 that allows one to opt-in to get a "real ID" driver license (Ought to Pass)

The NH Senate will meet in session on Thurs., Feb. 11, at 10 am.

Weekly calendars can be found on the state's website.

To see the complete calendar of New Hampshire State Senate sessions and committee meetings, click here.

To see the complete calendar of New Hampshire State House sessions and committee meetings, click here.


LWVNH is supporting, opposing or following a number of the bills in the Legislature. These are priority bills. Please come to the hearings and learn about League advocacy. We're always looking for members who wish to be part of our Legislative Action Team.

HOUSE committee hearings of interest: A quiet week for our priority items.

Tues., Feb. 16: Election Law work session on HB 1378, assistance for voters with disabilities. LOB 308, noon.

SENATE committee hearings of interest:

Thurs., Feb. 11LOB 101 Health & Human Services will hear testimony on SB 533, which includes drug courts grants (League supports, will submit written testimony)

Juvenile Justice

June 4, 2015 The NH Senate will vote on HB 2, which includes language instructing the Dept. of Health and Human Services, that administers the Sununu Youth Services Center (primarily a residential facility for youth in trouble with the law) to reduce their spending by $3.5 million and to "develop a plan to reduce the cost of providing existing services...which shall include privatization of services. The League opposed prison privatization a few years ago and will keep a close eye on the plan as it develops to be sure that running of the Sununu Center is not turned over to a for-profit entity. See the :LWVUS position on privatization of government services.

early May 2015: LWVNH echoes this appeal presented to the NH Senate Finance committee--Rev. Gail Kinney's statement included a call to "'just say `no' to any effort to privatize juvenile offender services in the state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire's troubled young people should never, ever, ever be turned over to be profit centers for a private corporation."

August 2014: NH Juvenile Justice Reform Bill Signed

NH Kids Count and its partners in the NH Juvenile Justice Coalition celebrated passage of a sweeping juvenile justice reform bill (HB 1624) during the 2014 legislative session.

Both the House and Senate enacted HB 1624 with wide margins and Governor Hassan signed the bill into law. Effective July 1, 2015, HB 1624 raises the age at which juveniles are treated as adults in the courts from 17 to 18 and ensures other protections for youth.

Based on our study of incarceration issues in NH, the League testified in support of this bill.

Death Penalty Repeal

Hearing of new death penalty suspension bill on Jan. 28, 2016 was well attended; many supporter of the bill spoke. SB 463-FN.

May 22, 2014: The NH Senate did not pass SB202, a burglary clarification bill with the death penalty repeal attached as an amendment, by a 2 to 1 vote.

The House had passed that bill earlier in May by a 2 to 1 margin. The death penalty in NH stands.

Casino Gambling

Leading the effort to defeat expanded gambling this year is an organization dedicated to preventing casinos from gaining entrance into our state: Casino Free New Hampshire. (see the website and Facebook page

The House vote of 208 to 156 defeating the casino bill (SB 113) of 2015 lays this issue to rest for the current session.

Update on voting rights

A legislative study committee to review election law with a goal of improving voter participation was appointed in 2014. The committee initially announced its intention to begin public sessions around the state in April 2014. A meeting was held in Ossipee on July 29, 2014. A final meeting (though without a quorum) was held in late October. A report was issued by Nov. 1, but without a quorum it was unofficial.

Work continues on retained election law bills (fall 2015).

The League of Women Voters New Hampshire continues to oppose restrictions on the right to vote, especially those that seem to target students, the elderly, and the poor.

State Legislature Calendar

To see the complete calendar of New Hampshire State Senate sessions and committee meetings, click here. To see the complete calendar of New Hampshire State House sessions and committee meetings, click here.

NH members of Congress

Here are the Washington DC phone numbers, state office phone numbers, and websites of the current New Hampshire US Senators and Representatives. Emails may be sent via the websites only.

This list was updated in January 2015.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (202) 224-3324 website Manchester NH office: 622-7979

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (202) 224-2841 website Manchester NH office: 647-7500

Representative Ann McLane Kuster (district 2) (202) 225-5206 website Concord NH office: 226-1002

Representative Frank Guinta (district 1) (202) 225-5456 website Manchester office: 641-9536